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Data on custodial fathers in the U.S.

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2023 | blog, Fathers' Rights |

As a father, it is crucial to safeguard your relationship with your children and their best interests while ending your marriage and after your divorce becomes finalized. You should approach the divorce process with confidence and a clear understanding of steps you can take to secure an ideal outcome with respect to your child’s best interests.

If you are seeking custody of your children, or find yourself in the middle of a difficult dispute over custody, remember that you are not alone and do not let anxiety or hopelessness interfere with your approach to this serious issue.

Statistics on custodial fathers

The United States Census Bureau published encouraging data for prospective custodial fathers. According to statistics, more fathers have secured custody of their children when compared to previous years. In 2018, fathers made up 20.1% of custodial parents. This represents a notable increase since 1994 when fathers represented 16% of custodial parents in the U.S.

Financial data on custodial fathers

In comparison to custodial mothers, Census data shows that custodial fathers are more likely to have full-time employment throughout the year and less likely to live in poverty. Moreover, the likelihood of custodial fathers receiving public assistance in 2017 was lower than custodial mothers.

If you are a custodial father or want to secure custody of your children, it is vital to focus on all facets of their well-being, such as their financial and emotional needs. You should try to keep a positive attitude and have a solid understanding of the options in front of you.