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Can your child benefit from joint custody?

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2022 | Child Custody |

When parents go through divorce, one of the things they should keep in mind is handling custody matters. When it comes to custody specifically, the child’s best interest should always come before all else.

In such a scenario, it is often best for the child to be in a joint custody situation. But what are the benefits of this form of custody?

Improved coping and relationship skills

Psychology Today shares new observations of children of joint custody situations. Over the last few decades, studies from across the world continue to reveal new information about joint custody and its impact on children of divorce.

Generally speaking, these studies paint joint custody in a positive light. Many indicate that children in this situation develop healthier coping mechanisms at a younger age. They struggle less with addictions and other toxic coping mechanisms in the future.

They also have healthier relationships, both in terms of romantic and platonic ones. They lash out at peers less often and butt heads with fewer figures of authority.

Mental health benefits

On top of that, they seem to have improved mental health, too. Children of joint custody have lower reported levels of anxiety, depression, stress disorders and trauma disorders like post-traumatic stress disorder. Those who do report such issues often suffer from a lower degree of severity than their counterparts who experience sole custody.

Joint custody does not hold the same benefits for every family, and not every family can afford to test the waters with it. However, for those families it does work out for, it can hold immense benefit for the child in question.