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3 tips for dealing with a difficult co-parent

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2022 | blog, Divorce |

Divorce is always stressful, even in the most amicable situations. Add a combative future ex-spouse to the mix, and the process can feel disastrous, especially with children.

It is important to remember in moments of frustration that your main priority is the health and well-being of your kids.

1. Keep things civil

Some hostile co-parents just want to make their former spouse’s life difficult, while others are battling mental health issues and simply cannot do any better. No matter the circumstance, it is imperative that you maintain your composure when dealing with your ex, particularly in front of your children. If you need to have a tough conversation, arrange a time to do so when the kids are out of earshot.

2. Set realistic expectations

Try not to line yourself up for disappointment and anger by setting unrealistic expectations for your former spouse. For example, if he or she rarely spent time with your kids prior to your separation, do not anticipate that to change post-divorce. Stay flexible with your schedule and remind yourself that keeping your kids happy in the long run is the goal of both parents.

3. Prioritize the kids’ needs

Though you might want to retaliate against your co-parent by remaining rigid with the fixed schedule or not allowing them to do a special activity with your children, bear in mind that the children making joyful memories with each parent is healthy.

You may never have imagined yourself in this situation, but in reality, many people find themselves going through difficult divorces. Stay mindful of what is most important as you deal with your ex.