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How can you divide expenses in a co-parenting plan?

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2021 | Child Custody |

Like many parents, you may find budgeting after a divorce difficult. When co-parenting, the two of you should share all expenses involving your child.

According to U.S. News, there are ways to make the process easier.

Create a system

You should have a system in place from the beginning. Then, you can follow the court’s lead on how to divide expenses. For example, if your child has necessary expenses, you and your spouse should divide them into income. For example, if you or your spouse makes less money, you cannot expect to pay the same amount.

You also need a system for random expenses. For example, if your child wants to join an expensive extracurricular program that you feel strongly about, you can work out whether you should pay those expenses or your spouse should split them.

Remember to communicate

If you do not agree with an expense or think that the two of you should split the bill, you need to talk to your ex. When it comes to co-parenting, you do have to communicate often with your ex. Never make demands or act passive-aggressively towards your ex when it comes to finances. If you discuss activities in advance, you will have better results than springing expenses on your ex with short notice.

Always put your kids first. Try not to bring them into the financial situation. If you have financial trouble, be careful about how much you divulge. Keep in mind that not every co-parenting technique for all parents. You need to find a plan that works for you and that puts your child’s needs first.