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Active, passive business appreciation impacts property division

Owning a Texas business can provide you with a lucrative income as well as a sense of pride and accomplishment. You may understand the inner workings of your company and feel prepared for various obstacles that could potentially arise and cause conflict within your business operations. However, you may feel less prepared for what your business will face when it comes to dividing assets in divorce.

What can a Texas father do to protect his rights?

Divorce or the break-up of a domestic relationship is, almost invariably, an emotionally difficult process. As a couple begins to understand that the future is going to hold something different than they had likely foreseen, each one may lash out in anger or frustration, creating more problems than there may have been previously. When children are in involved, this can be even worse, as parents may end up using the kids, even unintentionally, as pawns or wedges in an attempt to hurt the other former partner. When this happens, Texas fathers may end up with legal questions about how they are going to continue having a relationship with their children.