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December 2016 Archives

How are Texas assets split during the dissolution of a marriage?

Going through the process of divorce can understandably be stressful no matter how many or few assets you have. However, it can be especially overwhelming for business owners in Texas and other individuals who have high-value assets. A person who is going through the dissolution of a marriage in the Lone Star State has the right to pursue the most personally favorable outcome considering the circumstances.

The benefits of establishing paternity in Texas

Whenever a couple in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is preparing to welcome a child into the world, it can be a joyful yet busy time. Between the prenatal appointments and preparing a living space for the new addition, the couple probably have a lot on their mind. One thing the couple may have to do, if they are unmarried when the child is born, is establish the paternity of the baby. This blog post will provide a little information on the benefits of this legal process.