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Texas divorce process can’t be easily simulated

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2016 | Divorce |

There are a lot of ways we can get some first-hand experience in dealing with touchy situations without actually exposing ourselves to the greatest possible risks. Airlines provide pilots with simulators that allow them to screw up an emergency scenario and crash without actually killing anyone. Police can go through something similar. Woe be it to the recruit who shoots a pop-up image of a mother pushing a stroller.

There may be some form of simulator for divorce out there somewhere, but no matter how good it is, we suspect it can’t do justice to what it’s actually like to go through the process. That’s because every couple’s circumstance is unique and the specifics of the circumstances are what influences how individual issues can be resolved and what strategy might best achieve the outcomes desired.

It’s because of the broad scope of issues that working with a skilled lawyer is always advised. Texas divorce isn’t just a matter of filling out the forms and submitting them to the state. Courts want to know that property and assets have been equitably divided. Child support and custody situations may require special nuance. Divorces involving military couples add more complexity to the mix.

The parties to a divorce are so vested in the situation, emotionally, financially and otherwise, that it can be difficult to maintain objectivity. An attorney is able to remain detached, understand your interests and counsel you on how to proceed.

A couple’s finances — both assets and debts — are often better understood by one spouse than the other. An attorney knows what specialty experts to consult to achieve full transparency on property issues.

Trials, being expensive and emotionally draining, may make alternative dispute resolution methods more effective in some cases. A skilled lawyer will know when it’s appropriate. At the same time, if a trial does become necessary, you want an attorney with courtroom experience.

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