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March 2016 Archives

Measure would grant paternity parity in military parental leave

When it comes to views on parental leave the United States still tends to lag behind other developed countries. Most new Texas parents likely would agree with this assessment. Mothers tend to get the lion's share of the time off compared to what fathers get.

A contract by any name is still a legal agreement

Marriage is by definition a contract. When someone enters into that relationship in Texas certain rights and expectations follow. To further clarify what rights and obligations a couple might expect is something that can be framed through a carefully crafted prenuptial or postnuptial agreement.

Is an attorney's help necessary to protect fathers' rights?

The courts of Texas don't require individuals to have counsel to handle their legal dealings. However, attempting to brave the complicated and confusing maze that is the law on one's own can be hazardous. Rights you want to defend could be lost. Alternatively, if matters aren't handled correctly, you could find yourself facing obligations you can't handle and don't deserve.

Pain of 'gray divorce' can extend to financial matters

Recent studies indicate that divorce among older Americans is on the rise. Texas is not immune from such trends. Those with experience in dealing with issues related to dissolutions understand that the development may represent unique challenges for those on the cusp of their golden years.