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December 2015 Archives

Could divorce paper discrepancies spark criminal investigation?

Divorce can be a very complicated legal process. Many dissolutions in Texas may be handled simply as uncontested splits. In cases where stakes involve significant assets and disputes over the provision of child support arise, matters can become a lot more complicated. And then there may be situations in which the divorce action can even lead to possible criminal inquiry. That being said, regardless of the particulars of a given divorce case it becomes clear that experienced legal counsel should always be sought.

How can birth dads press fathers' rights in adoptions?

The set of players that have come to be most associated with adoptions might typically be listed this way. The party of the first part might be the adoptee child. The party of the second part would likely be the child's biological mother. The party of the third part would be the adoptive parent or couple.

Court seeks to restore chance at family in child custody case

The overriding principle guiding decisions involving custody and support issues in divorce is what serves the best interest of the children. That can be a difficult call to make. So many competing factors can come into play.