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November 2015 Archives

Tips for surviving the first post-divorce holiday season

Texas family law attorneys know that the holiday period of the year when divorce activity slows down. Couples contemplating the prospect of separating, especially if they have children, might want to make it through this last batch of special days for the sake of the kids.

Power of the prenup upheld, even in case of dementia

How we deal with dementia has been a challenge since the beginning days of organized society. Four-hundred years ago, the Bard himself focused attention on the subject in his play, "King Lear." It hasn't gotten any easier to deal with since then. Indeed, in some ways it's gotten harder. We know so much more about the causes of dementia than ever, and yet we are still far from finding treatments that can help.

Factors to think about if you're a dad seeking custody

In the eyes of Texas law, mothers and fathers are deemed to share equal rights and obligations when it comes to their children. This can have significant implications when determining parenting plans in cases when parents are divorcing or even if they have never been married.