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When divorce issues morph, legal strategy needs to adapt

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2015 | Divorce |

The cheetah is considered to be the fastest land animal on the planet. It puts that swiftness to great advantage on the savannas of Africa. But experts say that what is even more impressive and what contributes even more to cheetah success is the big cat’s agility. The species can slam on the brakes and turn on a dime. Cheetahs put that innate ability to work to run down the prey they need to ensure their survival.

It might seem odd to compare cheetahs with Texas divorce, but there are some analogies that can be made. The cheetah applies its skills as part of its hunt. And the process of going through a divorce can turn into something of a hunt.

Couples who begin the process typically have a target in mind. The prey is most typically a settlement that dissolves the marriage and sets all the parties up to be in the best position for a fresh start. But just as a cheetah’s prey can present the cat with significant challenges, issues in a divorce can surface, making achieving resolution complicated and frustrating.

An experienced family law attorney understands that success in divorce begins with developing a plan that is based on the specific needs and desires of the parties involved. But at any given point in the course of things it may be necessary to shift gears. Even the slightest disagreement between spouses can turn what started out as an uncontested divorce into a complex and long contested legal proceeding.

That being the case, legal flexibility and agility rooted in a deep understanding of the changing landscape of family law becomes a huge asset. Knowledge of potential options makes it possible to shift gears and find alternatives for delivering the outcome desired.

If you have questions about your situation our firm is ready to listen to them. We want to provide you the answers and the legal help you need to achieve your family law goals.