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Will a new child custody trend catch on for parents?

The old days of one parent having full custody of a child while the other parent has visitation seem to be fading into the past. Now, more parents here in Texas and across the country are realizing that having access to each parent as much as possible can help the children through what is invariably a rough transition when their married parents get a divorce, or their unmarried parents separate. Parents try many different arrangements in order to make the transition easier on their children, and the latest trend, which is referred to as “birdnesting,” is making headlines. 

Negotiate your own child custody agreement

Not all Texas couples who have children together are married. Even so, unmarried couples who are separating have the same child custody concerns as those who are going through a divorce. It will still be necessary to negotiate and execute an agreement regarding legal custody, physical custody and visitation

Though sons are home, dad isn't happy with police

There's a saying most people in Texas know. It is, "If you want something done right, do it yourself." There are a lot of things we can do ourselves, but many things we can't. Those we can't tend to be restricted by law and so we rely on the police and the courts for justice.

This parenting plan isn't for the birds, but it comes from them

In one of our previous posts, we attempted to dig into the different models of child custody that are available to Texas parents. In the earlier post, we talked about joint custody and sole custody, noting that in our state we use the term conservatorship, rather than custody.

How to be more supportive of newly single parents

Yesterday marked the beginning of a New Year. As a result, you are likely thinking about various resolutions that may help you become the best version of yourself in the coming months. If one of these resolutions involves being more supportive of the single parents in your life, give yourself a pat on the back. The most important element of support is positive intention. By seeking out information on how you can be more supportive, you have already taken a significant step towards achieving your goal.

Court seeks to restore chance at family in child custody case

The overriding principle guiding decisions involving custody and support issues in divorce is what serves the best interest of the children. That can be a difficult call to make. So many competing factors can come into play.

A deeper dive into the types of child custody in Texas

As we have observed in a previous post, legal terms that may be commonly understood in other states can be slightly different in Texas. What is usually referred to as child custody is known as conservatorship in the Lone Star state.