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Choosing a Dallas divorce attorney

Anyone who has shopped for a house or car knows that research and careful consideration are important elements of the decision-making process. When Dallas residents find that they need a family law attorney, research and careful consideration again play important roles.

It is the season of divorce

We are coming to the end of another Dallas summer. August is our hottest month of the year, according to climatedata.com, with an average high of 96 degrees. New research shows that this is also the time when divorce filings hit their peak in the second half of the year.

"Adulting" in divorce

Is "adulting" a word? Not in the strictest sense, of course, but it gets a point across. Those people who behave as adults in stressful times, such as a divorce (especially divorces with child custody issues), well, they are "adulting." A Texas family law attorney writes that while adulting can be a challenge in divorce, it is one that people who are old enough to marry, procreate and divorce should meet.

Understanding the factors in a child custody case

Deciding on child custody is often one of the most contentious pieces for divorcing couples with children. Each spouse desperately wants to make sure their child is properly cared for and each may have opposing views on the other's parenting. Typically, each parent also wants to make sure quality time with the children is fair and equal.

Designing a child custody agreement that puts kids at ease

When parents in Dallas decide to end their marriages, they often want to do what they can to protect their children as much as possible. One way to do that is to design a child custody agreement that helps put the kids at ease. The children involved need to know that their parents still love them and that the love will not change after divorce.

Child custody arrangements can affect parents at tax time

When parents in the DFW Metro divorce, taxes are often not the most important part of their divorce. However, who gets to claim the children at tax time should be part of every child custody agreement. The parent who does not have primary physical custody of the children might negotiate the ability to claim the children on his or her taxes in certain years.

Will a new child custody trend catch on for parents?

The old days of one parent having full custody of a child while the other parent has visitation seem to be fading into the past. Now, more parents here in Texas and across the country are realizing that having access to each parent as much as possible can help the children through what is invariably a rough transition when their married parents get a divorce, or their unmarried parents separate. Parents try many different arrangements in order to make the transition easier on their children, and the latest trend, which is referred to as “birdnesting,” is making headlines. 

Negotiate your own child custody agreement

Not all Texas couples who have children together are married. Even so, unmarried couples who are separating have the same child custody concerns as those who are going through a divorce. It will still be necessary to negotiate and execute an agreement regarding legal custody, physical custody and visitation