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Considering your digital assets in your prenuptial agreement

Divorce is a complex process, and there are often strong feelings on both sides regarding the division of marital property. Some couples choose to avoid these types of fights by drafting a prenuptial agreement before they get married. In most cases, these legal agreements address the division of marital property and assets, as well as financial matters during the marriage.

Two financial areas to address during divorce proceedings

Divorce is already stressful enough without adding unnecessary financial complications to the mix. Even at the best of times, money can be a touchy subject, and when you take into account the emotional upheaval that many divorcing couples go through, even amicable splits can get nasty.

Would joint custody work for your family?

Custody is one of the most contested and emotionally charged issues in any divorce, no matter how amicable two parents may be. Texas parents know that the end of their marriage can be emotionally traumatic for their kids, which is why you may want to ease this process and make their post-divorce lives as smooth as possible. One way you may be able to accomplish this is by choosing joint custody.

Seeking guidance in protecting your financial future in divorce

If you and your spouse decide to take separate paths moving forward, you might be eager to move on and open a new chapter in your life. However, you may also have concerns about how the outcome of your divorce could affect your future.

Don't believe what you hear about being a noncustodial parent

Despite the media hype, not every Texas family can enter into a joint custody agreement that equally splits time with the children. Not every divorced couple can sit down together for Thanksgiving dinner or go on vacation together. More importantly, you don't have to have that arrangement to love and support your children. In fact, you probably intend to love your children, pay your child support on time and make yourself as available to your children as you can after the divorce.

Using mediation to make your divorce easier

Divorce is a complicated process, but there are things that you may be able to do to make it a bit simpler for both parties and your children. For some couples, this is possible through mediation, which may allow you to avoid litigation and craft a final order that allows you to have a strong post-divorce future.

Business valuation plays important role during divorce process

As business owner going through divorce, you certainly want to do what you can to protect your business. When company assets are at stake, you may feel a particular anxiety toward your proceedings as these assets could add a layer of complications that other individuals may not have to deal with during their proceedings. One particular issue that will need attention relates to business valuation.

The end of a marriage doesn't have to be the end of a business

If you are considering divorce, a variety of factors could be influencing your decisions. The end of a marriage could have a substantial impact on your financial future, and your concerns in this area may only grow deeper if you are the owner of a business.