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How common are stay-at-home dads?

The stay-at-home parent who focuses on raising the children has, traditionally speaking, usually been the children's mother. This is still the way that things work out most of the time, even in 2020, but the amount of stay-at-home fathers has been rising.

How accurate are paternity tests?

Children are generally automatically assumed to be their mother's biological children when they're born to them. This isn't the case with fathers though. Unmarried dads must establish their paternity before they're allowed to exercise their parental rights to visitation or custody with their child. One way that fathers can do this is by taking a deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) paternity test. You may be surprised to find out just how accurate such tests are.

IVF creates complex child custody issues

Houston parents commonly use advanced medical techniques to conceive children. The most common technique is in vitro fertilization, or IVF, in which the father's semen is implanted in the mother's vagina during ovulation. Many couples have been able to conceive children using this technique and have been happy with the outcome, but unhappy results also occur. A married but separated couple in Lakeway, Texas is disputing the man's right to assert the rights of a father over a young child conceived using IVF.

The rights of an unmarried father in Texas

For unmarried parents in Texas, gaining access to their child can be far more difficult than for a married parent. Mothers, of course, have a natural advantage because they give birth and demonstrate without any doubt that they are the child's biological mother. Fathers have a more difficult task in establishing their parental rights.

The importance of parental rights

Under Texas law, the rights of mothers and fathers are equal which is important to note. Fathers may sometimes feel during the divorce, child custody and child support process that their rights are threatened which is why they should understand that their rights are viewed as equal according to family laws in the state and should also know how to protect those rights.

Co-parenting and communicating during the school year

August is here, and children in Dallas are preparing to go back to school. For children whose parents are divorced, this time of year can be more complicated than for those whose parents are not divorced. Beyond deciding who will pay for a new backpack, shoes and other school supplies, decisions need to be made about who will be the primary contact person for the school to call should a problem arise. And, some fathers report that even if they co-parent with their ex, they are being left out of the loop when it comes to their child's education.

When are Texas parents wrongfully denied visitation?

When parents in Dallas divorce, the split is not always amicable. Rancor and bitterness may continue well after the divorce decree has been signed. Sometimes, these feelings can cause issues where one parent is wrongfully denied visitation with their child by the other parent. This may happen if the other parent feels the parenting time order is unfair or if the parent being denied visitation has fallen behind on their child support obligations. No matter what the reason, however, a parent being denied visitation has rights.

Requesting modification of a child support order

When an unmarried father establishes his parental rights in Texas and elsewhere, this involves much more than just custodial rights. While it is important to focus on the physical time a parent has with a child, it is also important to consider the financial side of things. With child custody comes child support. And while this is important to fulfill this financial obligation, it may prove to be difficult to continue to meet this obligation.

Helping you protect your rights during a custody dispute

Getting a divorce can make anyone's world spin. Whether it is a contested divorce or not, the process itself can cause many changes and concerns. And for Texas parents getting a divorce, this means determining a custody arrangement that benefits and child. It can be difficult to work through custody matters, often causing it to be a difficult and contentious divorce issue.