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Telling your spouse that you want a divorce

One of the most difficult conversations that a couple can have is about divorce. No one has figured how to make this conversation simple, easy or painless, but people who deal with divorce as professionals have developed some guidelines that work in Texas and most other states.

Changing the terms of an order for divorce in Texas

Couples who take great pains to draft a detailed marital termination agreement in a divorce case can find that their post-divorce lives change in unexpected ways and that the divorce decree no longer fits one or both individual situations. This circumstance is especially common for divorced couples with minor children or jobs that require frequent travel.

What is collaborative divorce and how does it work?

Most residents of the Dallas area who are contemplating a marriage are also contemplating an extended period in which their lives will be disrupted by anger, stress and uncertainty. Judges and attorneys have been trying for years to modify the marriage dissolution process to eliminate as much of this unpleasantness as possible. First came so-called "no fault divorce," in which the court accept the allegations of one or both parties that the marriage relationship had foundered on irreconcilable differences. Then, courts began directing couples to use trained mediators to resolve their divorces. Texas attorneys are now using a process called "collaborative divorce" in a further effort to make the divorce process less stressful.

The mechanics of mediation in a Texas divorce

Many Texas residents who have experienced the emotions and stress that often occur during a contested divorce wish they had been able to find a better method for ending their marriage. Texas lawyers who practice in the areas of divorce and family law have been aware of this difficulty for many years, and they have taken several steps to fix the problem. Perhaps the most widespread and effective method for ending a marriage is the process called "mediation."

Lack of emotional fulfillment can lead to divorce

It may go without saying that the divorce process itself can be emotional for couples in Dallas. However, the events leading up to the decision to divorce may be emotional as well. A recent study found that in both low-conflict and high-conflict divorces, a lack of emotional fulfillment was ultimately what led one partner to decide to end the marriage.

Staying financially solvent during a divorce

The decision to end your marriage is often one of the biggest decisions you will ever have to make. For some people in Texas, once they have decided to divorce, they may feel a sense of relief and a desire to move forward with their lives. However, there are financial costs associated with a divorce beyond attorney and court fees that people should be aware of, so they can plan accordingly.