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How should you handle complex divorce emotions?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2023 | blog, Divorce |

Even when it is clearly in your best interest, divorce can lead to many complex emotions. Handling these emotions during divorce can be most challenging, especially when dealing with practical matters related to property division and child custody.

As a result, divorcing spouses must take time to address and manage their emotions during the process. Here are a few ways to do so.

Guilt and regret are common

People experience guilt during divorces for all sorts of reasons. You may feel bad that you did not try harder during the course of your marriage. In the same token, you may feel that your actions led directly to your spouse’s decision. Remember that divorces happen for all sorts of reasons, and rarely is one spouse fully to blame. Process your emotions but refrain from beating yourself up for what is occurring.

The situation can seem unbelievable

Even when there are obvious signs, learning of your spouse’s desire to divorce may be shocking at first. It is hard to imagine the dissolution of a marriage, especially when it comes to long marriages lasting many years. Give yourself time to accept the situation and avoid making major decisions until you feel more clear-headed.

Anger is natural during divorce

During divorce, spouses can feel anger about the demise of their marriage and the actions that led to it. They may also feel angry at themselves for not recognizing problems sooner or not acting to save the marriage. While you should never deny your anger, you must also work to process it in a healthy manner.

In this case, you may consider counseling if your anger does not subside after the initial shock. You can also look into healing methods, such as meditation, to control your mood and emotions.