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How can you approach talking about a prenuptial agreement?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2022 | blog, Prenuptial Agreements |

One common topic many couples think about while getting married is what will happen to both of their finances and assets in the future.

A prenuptial agreement often addresses these concerns about your saved money and individual property. Learning about how to properly discuss this topic can help you and your spouse to think seriously about your goals and plans.

Discuss your future early

According to Psychology Today, you should mention writing a prenuptial a while before starting to plan your marriage. Your spouse should not feel as if this is a sudden decision since that can impede important conversations about what you both want to include in the document.

You also typically feel more stressed as your wedding day approaches, so talking about what you want in a prenuptial agreement before the planning starts can help you both have a calm and honest discussion.

Reassure your spouse

Many people think of a prenuptial as a sign that the couple will eventually divorce. It can be hard to discuss writing this document if your spouse feels the same way. Instead of ignoring the topic, bring up this problem and talk about the reasons why it is important to come to an agreement.

For example, maybe you both own part of a business and want to make sure it stays secure even in the worst-case scenario or some other reason.

Draft it together

Trying to write out a full draft before your spouse knows about this choice to make an agreement can leave him or her suspicious of your intentions. Taking the time to write a prenuptial agreement together and talk about each topic that goes into it can help you both to feel good about the final result.