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February 2020 Archives

Coparenting schedules that suit children and parents

Texas parents who are getting a divorce and who are trying to work out a plan in which their children spend roughly half their time with each parent might think it will be easiest to simply have the children spend alternating weeks with each of them. However, for children younger than 12, this arrangement could induce separation anxiety. A week can feel like a long time for young children.

Reasons women seek divorce at a higher rate than men

More than two-thirds of divorces are initiated by women according to a 2015 study by the American Sociological Association. Women in Texas may file for divorce from their husbands for a number of reasons, but the underlying theme of all those reasons is that marriage tends to hold fewer advantages for women compared to men.

Co-parenting your teenager doesn't have to be so hard

Parenting children of any age is challenging. However, divorced parents who are raising teenagers face some unique hurdles. Whether you have been co-parenting with your ex since your child was young or you are newly divorced, facing those challenges is much easier when you are well informed.

How good co-parenting can help children after a divorce

Divorce can be hard on children as well as their parents, but Texas parents can also conduct themselves in a way that eases the difficulty for their children. This mostly involves setting aside their own needs and emotions to focus on the child's well-being. Although they may no longer be able to get along as a couple, they can still try to co-parent effectively.

Divorcing in 2020? Start preparing your finances now

Making the choice to end your marriage isn't easy. If you decided to move forward with this step in 2020, it is probably after months or even years of difficulty and marital strife. You know that this road ahead can be long and complicated, but you can start taking steps now to prepare your finances for the process. 

Possible complications in splitting an IRA in divorce

When people in Texas get a divorce, they may have retirement accounts to divide. Certain types of retirement plans must be split using a document called a qualified domestic relations order. A marital separation agreement or divorce decree is necessary when splitting an IRA. While this is normally a straightforward process, if the person who owns the IRA has been taking 72(t) distributions, there might be complications.

Finances and divorce for older adults

Divorce rates are dropping among younger adults, but it is increasing among older adults. "Gray divorce" refers to this phenomenon, and the 65 and older age group is getting divorced at a rate that is three times higher than it was in the 1990s. Since Texas is a community property state, this means that assets are supposed to be divided equally.