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January 2020 Archives

Preventative measures to avoid financial regret after divorce

Texas residents may be surprised to learn that it can take about five years for an individual to recover financially after a divorce. There are some preventative measures that individuals can take in order to speed their recovery if they get a divorce in the future.

Proving that a parent is unfit to have custody of children

Divorces often unleash torrents of intense anger. Most divorcing parents in Texas attempt to shield their children from this tide of emotion, but occasionally one parent will accuse the other of being "unfit" to care for the couple's children. What is the exact legal meaning of an "unfit parent"? Is it relevant in a child custody dispute?

IVF creates complex child custody issues

Houston parents commonly use advanced medical techniques to conceive children. The most common technique is in vitro fertilization, or IVF, in which the father's semen is implanted in the mother's vagina during ovulation. Many couples have been able to conceive children using this technique and have been happy with the outcome, but unhappy results also occur. A married but separated couple in Lakeway, Texas is disputing the man's right to assert the rights of a father over a young child conceived using IVF.