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October 2019 Archives

Valuing assets is difficult, but necessary during divorce

When going through a divorce, Texas residents certainly do not want to feel as if they got the short end of the stick. While most people are not ever fully satisfied with the entirety of their divorce settlements, you can take steps to ensure that you work toward an outcome that you feel is at least acceptable.

The rights of an unmarried father in Texas

For unmarried parents in Texas, gaining access to their child can be far more difficult than for a married parent. Mothers, of course, have a natural advantage because they give birth and demonstrate without any doubt that they are the child's biological mother. Fathers have a more difficult task in establishing their parental rights.

What is collaborative divorce and how does it work?

Most residents of the Dallas area who are contemplating a marriage are also contemplating an extended period in which their lives will be disrupted by anger, stress and uncertainty. Judges and attorneys have been trying for years to modify the marriage dissolution process to eliminate as much of this unpleasantness as possible. First came so-called "no fault divorce," in which the court accept the allegations of one or both parties that the marriage relationship had foundered on irreconcilable differences. Then, courts began directing couples to use trained mediators to resolve their divorces. Texas attorneys are now using a process called "collaborative divorce" in a further effort to make the divorce process less stressful.

The mechanics of mediation in a Texas divorce

Many Texas residents who have experienced the emotions and stress that often occur during a contested divorce wish they had been able to find a better method for ending their marriage. Texas lawyers who practice in the areas of divorce and family law have been aware of this difficulty for many years, and they have taken several steps to fix the problem. Perhaps the most widespread and effective method for ending a marriage is the process called "mediation."

How business owners may want to approach their divorce

Divorce is difficult for many reasons, but it can be especially complicated for small business owners in Texas. If you own your own company, you know how hard you worked to build your business and find success over the years. The possibility of having to divide your hard-earned business assets or losing some of the control you have over your company can be overwhelming.

Inheritance, divorce and fighting for what's rightfully yours

Once you make the choice to move forward with divorce, you will then need to decide how to prepare for what your financial future will look like. You naturally want to make sure that you have what you need for your financial security. You also want to protect what is rightfully yours, which includes an inheritance you received from a family member. 

When does a Texas family law judge rule a parent unfit?

Parenting is not for the fainthearted, as most parents can attest. Especially if you have kids in different age groups, they can really put your patience and parenting skills to the test. Of course, you love your children and always want what's best for them. That's just the trouble. You and your spouse might not always agree on such issues. If you're already having marriage problems, parenting disputes might wind up being the straw that breaks the camel's back.

The importance of parental rights

Under Texas law, the rights of mothers and fathers are equal which is important to note. Fathers may sometimes feel during the divorce, child custody and child support process that their rights are threatened which is why they should understand that their rights are viewed as equal according to family laws in the state and should also know how to protect those rights.

What is the legal impact of a paternity determination?

Paternity is important to determine for a variety of reasons, including because of the emotional and financial impact it has on the child and the parents. It is key to determine paternity because it has a significant impact on the legal rights of the child and can also have an emotional impact on the child as well.