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Lack of emotional fulfillment can lead to divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2019 | Divorce |

It may go without saying that the divorce process itself can be emotional for couples in Dallas. However, the events leading up to the decision to divorce may be emotional as well. A recent study found that in both low-conflict and high-conflict divorces, a lack of emotional fulfillment was ultimately what led one partner to decide to end the marriage.

In the study, 47% of respondents reported that the lack of love or intimacy was what led to the decision to separate and ultimately divorce. Simply put, sometimes people just “fall out of love.” In addition, 44% of respondents stated that communication issues were one of the main reasons they decided to divorce. This has long been known as a cause of divorce. When spouses do not talk to one another, it ultimately damages their relationship as time goes on.

A breach of trust or lack of respect was the third top reason respondents to the survey cited as their reason for ending their marriage. If something happens that causes a person to lose respect for their spouse or that leads them to be unable to ever trust their partner again, this could lead that person to decide to divorce. Finally, sometimes couples just grow apart, either in their values, attitudes or because they simply had different goals in their lives.

As this shows, there are many reasons why couples decide to divorce, and many of them are based on emotional factors. A no-fault divorce is generally one in which couples cite “irreconcilable differences.” When couples grow apart, fall out of love or decide to divorce for some other reasons that are emotional in nature, this is a ground for divorce they may consider.