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July 2019 Archives

If asked to mediate my divorce, must I say 'yes'?

When a couple's relationship has become so unraveled that they are seeking a divorce, there may be a certain amount of ill-will between them. Still, one or both parties may want to at least try to reach an out-of-court settlement and may ask their estranged spouse to join them in mediating the divorce. In addition, sometimes mediation is ordered by the court in a divorce case. In these situations, is a person in Texas obligated to attend divorce mediation sessions?

When the child custody mediation process breaks down

Divorce is a difficult process, and like many others, you may hope that there is a way you can ease the stress and complication that often comes with it. Like many other Texas couples, you and your spouse may choose to try mediation for your divorce. However, every situation is different, and this may not be what actually works for you.

When are Texas parents wrongfully denied visitation?

When parents in Dallas divorce, the split is not always amicable. Rancor and bitterness may continue well after the divorce decree has been signed. Sometimes, these feelings can cause issues where one parent is wrongfully denied visitation with their child by the other parent. This may happen if the other parent feels the parenting time order is unfair or if the parent being denied visitation has fallen behind on their child support obligations. No matter what the reason, however, a parent being denied visitation has rights.

When is a man presumed to be a father under Texas law?

Sometimes, if a child's parents are unmarried when the child is born and the child's mother has sole custody of the child, she may wish to pursue child support from the child's father. Similarly, the child's father may want to pursue visitation rights. For either of these events to occur, however, paternity must be established.

Money: the leading cause behind many Texas divorces

If you made the choice to move forward with marriage, chances are that money played at least a small part in your decision. Money arguments are some of the most commonly cited reasons behind many divorces, and this doesn't stop once a person files papers. Money, savings and marital assets are often some of the most hotly contested issues during the divorce process as well.

The reasons for getting a prenuptial agreement

When one hears wedding bells they think of a long and happy marriage. However, many also think of the costly and emotional process of divorce. Unfortunately, not all marriages stand the test of time. And in some cases, some marriages do not last long at all. But no matter the length of a marriage, when couples in Texas and elsewhere get marriage, this legal ceremony not only unites a couple but also unites their property. Thus, when couples divorce, this property must be divided between them.