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March 2019 Archives

The basics of a paternity suit

In Texas, when a man gets a woman pregnant, this does not automatically give the man paternal rights to the child. Unlike married couples where there is the presumption that the husband is the father of the child, an unmarried father needs to establish paternity.

What is a collaborative divorce?

When one thinks of divorce, they often think about two spouses having a go at each other, unable to reach an agreement. While some divorces are high conflict and require the court to step in to sort through the various issues, others are able to come to terms and reach an agreement on their own. Although the couple is able to set aside their differences, they may still require assistance when it comes to working through the process and finalizing a divorce.

Frankel and Hoppy are back to court over custody issues

It is well known that divorce can be messy. And even when divorcing spouse are able to navigate through hostilities and high conflict, this does not mean this is the last time the couple will be faced with divorce issues. Even after a divorce decree is reached, family law issues could open the door back open. Whether it is a year or a decade following this agreement, if a parent believes changes are necessary, divorced parents may have to return to court to resolve any new or outstanding issues. While this can be complex and emotional, it is often in the best interests of the child to reach a resolution if new issues have evolved.

Signs that the other parent may be alienating you

Nothing is more important to you than protecting the relationship you have with your child. Even after a divorce, you desire to have a strong relationship with him or her and maintain your role as an active, involved and loving parent. However, the other parent may still be harboring hard feelings toward you, and the result can be parental alienation. 

Using a forensic accountant in a divorce

Ending a marriage is trying time. It is difficult, emotional and challenging. A spouse is likely devastated that the marriage has failed, and now they are bombarded with all the divorce issues that must be sorted out and resolved. It can take much time and effort to reach a final resolution, making it imperative to understand the process and how best to move through it. This could require the usage of experts, as these professionals could provide input and assistance with obtaining a fair divorce settlement agreement.