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February 2019 Archives

Are you making your divorce harder than it has to be?

Moving forward with the decision to divorce is not easy. It can involve complex feelings, the threat of losing some of your property and the possibility of seeing your kids less. As a result, it may lead some Texas readers to act out of emotions and stress. This can lead to decisions that are not actually in your best interests.

Helping you amend a child custody arrangement

Parents parting ways can be viewed at as a traumatic situation. Although it may be good for the parents to no longer be in a relationship, their divorce or separation can be a trying time for the children involved. A child has been accustomed to their life with both parents, making it difficult to acclimate to a life much different than this. This makes custody matters both an emotional and vital time for everyone involved, as what is in the best interest of the child may not be what one or both parents want.

How can a prenuptial agreement protect a business?

Getting married is usually a carefully thought out and planned event. Even if it is a spur of the moment courthouse wedding, spouses think about what it means to be married. For some, this thought comes into play long before the wedding ceremony. And, because of this, spouses may consider what kind of role marital agreements might have. A prenuptial agreement may be a beneficial document to consider prior to a couple's union.

How can a postnup protect your retirement accounts?

Getting married is an exciting time. And even if a marriage does fail, many are able to find love again and enter into another marriage. Because the chances of another divorce occurring the second time around is fairly high, it is important that these spouses take the time to understand ways they can protect themselves and their future, especially when it comes to their assets and retirement benefits.

Your divorce choices will determine your future

Divorce is not an easy process, even when two parties resolve to work amicably and reach a reasonable, sustainable final order. It is complicated and emotional to walk through the steps required to end a marriage, and as a result, you may be more prone to making certain mistakes than you realize. It is smart to learn about common mistakes and work to avoid them.

Jeff Bezos and wife end 25-year marriage

Ending a marriage can be an incredibly difficult decision. One is not only severing a relationship, but they are also cutting their belongings in half. For the most part, divorce means splitting their assets in half. However, when one spouse owns a business, this could further complicate the process. Whether or not a premarital agreement is involved, it is often in one's best interests to take the time to protect one's business during the divorce process.