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How can a forensic accountant help during dissolution?

A start of a relationship might be exciting, but a lot goes on when two people come together to form a relationship. And when two spouses decide to part ways, much thought and consideration must take place to sort through the necessary issues. Ending a marriage is by no means easy, and many things can often muddy the water. Take for example personal businesses. In an era where more and more people start their own businesses, it is important that they are addressed properly so a business is not negatively impacted by a divorce.

Myths about prenuptial agreements

Getting married is a big deal to some couples. It can be a lifelong goal, and when the big day finally comes, all their dreams can come true. One thing that is not part of their dream is divorce. While it may not be a desired life event, the reality is that it can happen. Because of this, many married couples take steps to help protect him or herself in case their marriage does not last.

What is mistaken paternity?

There are many reasons why mothers and fathers take steps to prove a man is the father of a child. A mother may be seeking child support and needs to establish paternity so the state can take action to secure these funds. A father may seek paternity as a measure to obtain a relationship with a child. In contrast, there are also reasons to contest or challenge paternity. A man may want to avoid such financial obligations by proving that he is not the father. A mother may also challenge it when she believes that someone else is the actual father.

Does more money mean more marital problems?

There are many reasons why marriages end in divorce, and finances play a significant role in this decision for many Texas couples. However, there may be specific reasons related to wealth and finances that may make a couple more likely to end their relationship. Studies indicate that wealthy couples could face a higher chance of getting divorced than others.

Establishing or contesting paternity through tests

In Texas and other states, unmarried parents can face additional hurdles to overcome when they are no longer together. In some cases, a mother or a father will take steps to establish paternity. Whether a mother is asserting that a man is the father when he is contesting it or a father is seeking to establish paternity following a breakup, it is important to understand the process one may go through to establish paternity.

Assistance in planning prenuptial agreements

To many, planning and preparing for a wedding is a joyful and exciting time. For others, it is a stressful time where too many people put pressure on them to make a single day perfect. No matter where a person falls on the spectrum, it is important to consider your legal rights going into a marriage. A marriage is a legal contract, and spouses to-be should consider what it really means to enter into a marriage. One may want to protect certain assets or property, making it vital that a prenuptial agreement be considered.