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September 2018 Archives

Gray divorce and what it means for your golden years

Like many others in Texas, you are likely looking forward to your retirement and your post-career life. You may have plans for your retirement years, yet a later-in-life divorce may cause you to feel like your plans have to come to a halt. While your divorce will certainly bring financial changes to your life, you can still hold on to your goals for your future. 

Are millennials proponents of prenups?

Deciding to get married is still an exciting event, even though millennial tend to marry later in life than the previous generation did. Whether a person is in their 20's, 30's or 40's, there are many issues to consider. Each spouse brings to the table their own property, assets and debts. Thus, it is vital more than ever to get full financial disclosure before tying the knot. This can cause a marrying couple to consider what is best for them and if it is necessary to protect their assets.

Taking steps to enforce visitation rights

For unmarried parents, it can be challenging to address custody matters if the relationship is severed. Whether it was a cordial parting or a very hostile or abusive situation, it is important that both mothers and fathers take the time to explore their rights. Rights are automatically bestowed upon the unmarried mother; however, an unmarried father in Texas and other states must take steps to establish parental rights.

How can I reduce the stress in my divorce?

Unless you have gone through a divorce before, you may be feeling stress that comes with the worry that you will make a mistake. Once the court signs the divorce orders, you may have to live for years with your decisions, and that could mean those years will be full of struggle and regret.

Real Housewife divorces, receiving $16,000 in support

Ending a marriage is an emotional and difficult step to take. It may be challenging, but it is often what is wanted and what is seen as the best option. However, this does not make divorce any easier. And for those in the public eye, dissolution can be even more challenging, as the camera catches their every move.

Why are so many millennials getting prenups?

Young or old, single individuals in Texas and elsewhere are likely thrilled to announce that they are getting married. But next comes the stressful step of planning and preparing for the wedding. One step in the wedding prep process is growing in popularity. Because we do not know what the future will bring, including a prenuptial agreement is a great way to protect oneself in the event of a divorce.

How are paternal rights established for unmarried fathers?

Although many decide to have child following marriage, the reality is that many decide to have children without taking that legal step. Unmarried parents are more and more common; however, just like married parents, unmarried parents experience rough points in their relationships. When this occurs, they may decide it is best to part ways. Whether parents were together for a small portion or several years of their child's life, the reality is that they will need to address custody issues if the father seeks to obtain paternal rights.