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Making the second marriage smarter with a pre-marital agreement

Love may not be lovelier the second time around regardless of any song lyrics. A second marriage may be a second chance, but it also has more risks because a spouse may have more assets, children from a previous relationship and a new career. Proper planning, pre-marital agreements and other measures can help couples in Texas meet these financial challenges.

Avoiding the avoidable after divorce

When spouses in Texas decide to end their marriage, there are a lot of changes they must make. Some changes are informal, such as taking their ex-spouse's initials off their towels, as the old adage goes. However, other changes are more formal in nature. For example, a case going before the U.S. Supreme Court, makes it clear that it is important to update important documents after a divorce to ensure that a former spouse is not a named beneficiary.

Ways to make the divorce process easier for the entire family

Divorce is difficult for any Texas family, no matter how amicable the two partners may be. No matter what, the end of a marriage is difficult for children to process, and many parents strive to make this transition easier for their kids. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways that you can reduce the stress and complication associated with divorce.