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The factors that influence child custody decisions

Child custody is often one of the most commonly contested issues between two parents facing divorce. Texas parents are naturally concerned with the best interests of their children, and you want to do everything to ensure you are able to retain a strong relationship with your children after the divorce process is final.

The divorce tab for debt

It is a simple truth that part of ending a marriage deals with money. The ledger sheet in a Texas divorce is not restricted to dividing the couple's assets. Debt division can be even more important, because courts divide both assets and debts during a divorce.

Having the divorce talk

Before going to court, a spouse in Texas must take the first step in ending a marriage. They must tell their soon-to-be former spouse that they want a divorce. If this conversation goes poorly, it can add further conflict and cost to the divorce process.

When is an annulment appropriate for Texas couples?

The decision to end a marriage is never an easy one to make. It can be complex and emotionally challenging to address issues such as child custody and property division, but for some Texas couples, divorce is not the only option. In rare cases, it could be possible to seek an annulment of the marriage instead of a formal divorce.

Preparing financially for a divorce

Before filing for divorce, spouses in Dallas should take precautions for protecting their property and income. This is particularly important for spouses who suspect that their soon-to-be former spouse will hide assets or that the divorce will be bitter. Stay-at-home parents who did not work also have rights to the money their spouse earned and should also safeguard these rights.