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Seeking guidance in protecting your financial future in divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2017 | blog |

If you and your spouse decide to take separate paths moving forward, you might be eager to move on and open a new chapter in your life. However, you may also have concerns about how the outcome of your divorce could affect your future.

The process of property distribution will inherently have an impact on your finances, even if only temporarily. You might place a great deal of importance on this area of life and wish to protect it throughout divorce, but you could be uncertain how to achieve this goal.

Financial preparations for divorce

Along with potentially being a highly emotional experience, divorce can also be exceedingly complex. However, you might be able to reduce the difficulty of the situation by taking steps to prepare for the financial aspects of divorce, which may include the following:

  • Form a list of incomes and expenses:  Prior to entering negotiations, you might find it beneficial to make a list of all current and future expenses and marital incomes. Not only can this help you prepare for what comes next, but it could also help you in forming a budget for life moving forward.
  • Obtain documentation of financial standings:  Obtaining documentation of financial standings within the marriage could help you in identifying and obtaining the value of all marital assets. In turn, this might also help you identify assets or debts of which you may currently be unaware.
  • Avoid a change in financial behavior:  It may also be advisable to avoid changing your current spending or saving patterns prior to divorce, as making any sudden adjustments to this area could prove detrimental.
  • Wait before you update:  Although you may be eager to move on, you might find it beneficial to wait before updating information on your accounts, as there could be consequences in doing so before obtaining a divorce decree.

In community property states, such as Texas, the courts assume both spouses own all assets jointly, so division of assets begins with a presumption that the division will be equal. However, entering the process without full awareness of all martial assets could still prove detrimental, and seeking guidance on covering every aspect of the process could prove invaluable.

Advice and assistance

With numerous aspects to consider during the end of your marriage, you might be feeling somewhat overwhelmed or intimidated by the process. By speaking with someone with extensive knowledge in the area, you could gain a better understanding of what to expect during divorce proceedings, and how best to prepare. Obtaining advice early on could help you become better prepared to pursue a favorable outcome during divorce proceedings and move forward in life with financial peace of mind.