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House swap couple involved in spousal maintenance fight

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2017 | Divorce |

Armando Montelongo and his former wife Veronica gained publicity for their A&E reality show “Flip this House.” Their marriage, however, was not successful and divorce became final in 2012 in a San Antonio court with a settlement agreement that remained secret. Its unusual terms became public after recent court filings concerning charges of unpaid alimony.

Armando initiated the divorce of their 14-year marriage in June 2011. Initials were used instead of their names on the pleading to keep the matter confidential. The terms of their original agreement remained confidential.

In Aug., Veronica filed documents in Bexar County district court that she did not receive all her 2016 spousal maintenance payments. He was previously granted an extension until the end of Feb. to pay his full 2016 annual payments.

This dispute over spousal maintenance lifted secrecy over their original agreement and revealed hefty support payments. It required weekly alimony payments of $4,000 to Veronica. She was also entitled to yearly spousal maintenance payments of $250,000 for five years.

She charged in her Aug. filing that her former husband owed her $147,500. She asked the court for drastic relief by through placing her former husband in the county jail if he did not comply with a court order enforcing their original agreement. She also wanted the court to make him pay $1,000 each day until he complied with that order. Armando, however, claimed that he overpaid her by $47,600.

Nonetheless, nobody had to go to jail. The former couple ultimately reached a court-approved settlement of this latest matter earlier this month. The court’s order did not disclose any settlement details except that Armando paid all alimony, child support and other obligations that were owed until the date of the latest order.

An attorney can help spouses negotiate a fair and reasonable agreement that is enforceable. They can also help assure compliance and seek its enforcement through court proceedings when a spouse does not comply with its terms.

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