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Is a collaborative divorce right for you?

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2017 | Divorce |

Many divorces are contentious, with emotions running high and animosity playing a role in the decision-making process. This can lead to a lengthy and costly divorce for all parties involved. There are times, however, when both parties agree on most or all of the decisions to be made in the divorce. During these times, it may be possible to enter into a collaborative divorce.

In a collaborative divorce, both parties will be working together in an effort to come to mutually agreeable positions on the decisions that need to be made. Essentially instead of fighting with each other, you will be working together for resolutions. Working together will allow each party get a truer perspective from each side during discussions. Doing so means less time and less money involved in the divorce, yet another win/win.

There are many benefits for everyone involved if you are able to work together in a collaborative divorce. Working together and not battling over each issue means less time will be wasted in the divorce. It will also be cheaper. Working in an informal setting with honest and open discussions will only help to develop favorable outcomes for all parties involved. Having a licensed mediator in the process may be able to help resolve any lasting disagreements or solutions.

As stated before, collaborative divorce is not for everyone. But if you and your spouse believe that each of you could put aside your differences and work together to negotiate to reach satisfactory divorce related decisions together, then collaborative divorce may be for you.

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