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Quick: How can I get my divorce over with?

On Behalf of | May 20, 2017 | Divorce |

Getting divorced can be tricky no matter how many assets you and your spouse may have. However, it can be particularly challenging for those with high-value assets. These assets range from real estate property to businesses.

Although getting into a drawn-out legal battle with a future ex-spouse is often expected at the beginning of a divorce proceeding in Texas, it does not have to be this way. You and your spouse may be able to resolve your disputes through the quicker and less acrimonious process of mediation. This is an alternative to traditional litigation that makes it possible for both spouses to take full control of the planning of their lives rather than relying on a judge to do this for them.

What is the role of the mediator?

In mediation, the mediator is a licensed neutral third party who has completed special training to help divorcing couples tackle their issues. This party essentially helps the two spouses to communicate effectively with each other by giving them both opportunities to speak without interruption. The mediator may also ask one person to expand on his or her assertion to ensure that the other party understands it. Referring a couple to experts, such as appraisers, is also in the mediator’s purview.

So, how exactly does it all work?

You, your spouse and the mediator will meet together several times, with each session spanning an hour to two hours. In the beginning, both you and your future ex will point out all of the issues you want addressed, and then you will work on gathering the relevant documents needed for later mediation sessions. These might include financial documents, for example.

In future meetings, you will focus on how you can compromise on a variety of issues with your spouse. The goal is to achieve a resolution that satisfies both sides. Your mediator can help by giving you information about common methods for handling the divorce issues you are attempting to resolve.

What role does my attorney play in this?

During mediation, your Texas attorney will work with you to answer any questions and give any needed advice. Your attorney will also review the agreement before you sign it and possibly file the papers with the court. In the end, you can avoid trial and thus reduce conflict and keep your costs as low as possible during your divorce proceeding.