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How paternity tests can make a difference to a child

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2017 | Paternity |

Over the last few decades it is becoming increasingly apparent that the role the father plays in a child’s upbringing is vitally important to a child’s wellbeing. In the past, it was believed by many that the maternal instincts and relationship between mother and child were deemed most important. Today, however, fathers are also acknowledged, and the courts are making certain that father’s rights are protected.

Up until the mid-1970’s a paternity test could determine whether a man was not the father of a child, but could not determine a child’s father. With today’s advancements in DNA testing, a simple swab sample taken from a man’s inner cheek can be compared with the DNA of a child to create a nearly fool-proof determination of a child’s father.

In many instances when a child’s father is uncertain, it also may mean that the relationship between the mother and father is not ideal. Determining paternity is also important for all parties to assure that the father’s rights are protected and that the father is also accountable for child support payments if applicable.

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