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“Adulting” in divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2016 | Child Custody |

Is “adulting” a word? Not in the strictest sense, of course, but it gets a point across. Those people who behave as adults in stressful times, such as a divorce (especially divorces with child custody issues), well, they are “adulting.”

A Texas family law attorney writes that while adulting can be a challenge in divorce, it is one that people who are old enough to marry, procreate and divorce should meet.

The Austin divorce lawyer writes in the Huffington Post that no one should try to pretend they are too young and dumb to behave as a responsible adult. Those who are old enough for divorce are old enough to recognize “dumb behavior” and have the will and self-control to avoid it.

An example she lists of “dumb behavior”: going on credit-card shopping sprees. A divorcing adult should know that their household expenses are likely going to change post-divorce, and that spree-money could be better deployed on problems such as meeting the rent, paying utility bills, legal costs, moving expenses and the like.

More “dumb behavior” to avoid: public displays of things that would embarrass your mom (nudity, drunkenness, profanity, etc.). It can be behavior difficult to explain in court when you’re trying to argue that you are a responsible parent.

The attorney recognizes that unaffordable shopping sprees and irresponsible public behavior can not only make your situation more difficult in court, but can also make your former spouse more determined than ever to deny you shared custody.

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