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August 2016 Archives

Back-to-school tips for divorced parents

It's that time of year: back-to-school for the kids. Whether your little one will be starting their first day of kindergarten, or gearing up for their last year of high school -- and everything in between -- now is the time of year when parents are trying to figure out how their schedules will work for the next school year.

It is the season of divorce

We are coming to the end of another Dallas summer. August is our hottest month of the year, according to climatedata.com, with an average high of 96 degrees. New research shows that this is also the time when divorce filings hit their peak in the second half of the year.

Stakes high in gray divorce

As frequent readers of our Dallas family law blog know, we have more than once outlined issues involving so-called gray divorce. Because the Baby Boom generation — this nation's largest generation ever — is edging into retirement, it is confronting high-stakes items as its graying members increasingly opt for divorce.

"Adulting" in divorce

Is "adulting" a word? Not in the strictest sense, of course, but it gets a point across. Those people who behave as adults in stressful times, such as a divorce (especially divorces with child custody issues), well, they are "adulting." A Texas family law attorney writes that while adulting can be a challenge in divorce, it is one that people who are old enough to marry, procreate and divorce should meet.