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Understanding the relationship between father and child

Over the last few decades, the important role a father plays in the upbringing of a child is becoming more and more recognized. By our very nature, humans are social, and the relationship a child has, especially during their early impressionable years, can have a profound impact on a child.

Making a co-parenting arrangement work

Being a parent is probably the most important job a person can take on. While it is not always an easy road, parents in Dallas and elsewhere enjoy the natural ups and downs with parenting. One issue that some parents face and is rather unpleasant is custody disputes. Divorce can bring out many problems, and when it comes to the needs of a child, a parent will put their child first. Nonetheless, parents seek to protect their parenting time rights along the way.

Parental alienation makes child custody disputes even more difficult

It is one of the most wrenching experiences a mother or father can endure: parental alienation. It exists when one parent emotionally manipulates their child into believing that the other parent is a bad person. The result of parental alienation is hostility exhibited by the child toward the parent unfairly cast as bad, evil, abusive or all of the above.An article in Parent Herald points out that a recent study shows that more than 22 million U.S. parents are at risk of becoming victims of parental alienation. As you might expect, the phenomenon often occurs leading up to and during a contentious divorce with a child custody dispute

Is an attorney's help necessary to protect fathers' rights?

The courts of Texas don't require individuals to have counsel to handle their legal dealings. However, attempting to brave the complicated and confusing maze that is the law on one's own can be hazardous. Rights you want to defend could be lost. Alternatively, if matters aren't handled correctly, you could find yourself facing obligations you can't handle and don't deserve.

An MLK adage may ring true for some babies in Texas

We just recently celebrated the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. A lot of the hopes and dreams he pressed for still remain unfulfilled to this day. One of the statements this civil rights leader is known for is, "A right delayed is a right denied."

How can birth dads press fathers' rights in adoptions?

The set of players that have come to be most associated with adoptions might typically be listed this way. The party of the first part might be the adoptee child. The party of the second part would likely be the child's biological mother. The party of the third part would be the adoptive parent or couple.

Factors to think about if you're a dad seeking custody

In the eyes of Texas law, mothers and fathers are deemed to share equal rights and obligations when it comes to their children. This can have significant implications when determining parenting plans in cases when parents are divorcing or even if they have never been married.